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Building a poker stream team

Editor note: this is an announcement that is subject to change in 2020.

Streamers who specialize in playing poker have a new opportunity to grow. The company is looking for up and coming streamers with modest audiences. Esportsium is working closely with GGpoker to form a new poker stream team.

Streamers selected for the “Tier 1 Team” are eligible to participate in more extensive GGpoker promotions and events. The participation in activities usually associated with larger streamers is possible for the Tier 1 Poker Stream team members. The most significant incentive for all team members is that they are more likely to be selected for the “Elite GGpoker Team” when their viewership and fame has increased.

It’s time to begin

“We’re looking for hungry streamers who have viewers outside of the USA. The streamer doesn’t necessarily have to stream poker exclusively. If they’re willing to play on GGpoker with their audience, we’re here to assist them in growing their community. We will select the best streamers and give them a chance to be part of the higher ranks.”

GGpoker offers an attractive and lucrative stream reward system for streamers with as low as 1,000 viewer hours per month. Esportsium will help the stream team members in building their audience by providing incentives such as cash rewards and tournament tickets for their viewers.

Esportsium pushing for new talent

“It’s official, we’re in direct contact with the team at NAC. I’m working as their leader for streamers on the rise. They’ll be sending me people to manage and I’ll be finding rising talent. GGpoker’s desire to build a successful poker stream team from influencers with smaller audiences is in line with our vision. Esportsium is keen to buff up an streamer’s reach. We’ll then help them earn more money and notoriety. We’re here to coach and mentor streamers to give them the best chance at landing larger sponsorship deals.”

About Esportsium

Esportsium was created in 2017 as a site to assist streamers and influencers with their personae. The company provides sponsorship deals to influencers of all sizes.

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When asked about differentiation, Mark Swanson answered, “Our distinction is many things, we offer consultation, video creation, social media guidance to our Clients and Influencers to help them gain exposure. We build long-lasting relationships that endeavour to make all involved succeed. Our creative team is none like any other in the Esports and Poker Industry, our videos and marketing will be cutting-edge, and we’ll be the ones creating trends as well as working within the current climate to stand out from the rest. We are going to find the stars and align them. It all depends on lightning; whether we catch it or create it, it’s going to strike where we want it to.”

The Future of the Poker Stream Team

Further plans to select a team name and build a website, as well as social media profiles, are in the cards. The first steps have been taken by both parties to solidify the relationship. The next step is to find the players and streamers who are looking to grow their online community and earn more money.

As per a spokesperson for GGpoker, “A poker streamer’s starting point is here. Before being signed as a player/streamer they must show consistency and the desire to join the higher ranks. The most loyal and best streamers have a chance to join the larger ‘official’ group of GGpoker streamers.”

The companies are open to working with individuals of any size as well as businesses, both large and small. Esportsium has forged trusted relationships with some of the most significant gaming companies in the world and is actively pursuing more.

Clients, Influencers and Talent can contact Esportsium on the company website.

Click the link to the CONTACT FORM to get in touch with us.

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