Esports Social Talent Agency Launches

New Talent Agency uses Social Media Influencers to Promote Esports. Esportsium will also serve as a full-service marketing company with writers, audio/video engineers and translation personnel to help Influencers and Brands to strengthen loyalty and create awareness.

Esportsium will liaise with influencers, clients, brands and individual stars of Esports and use social media to boost individuals, products or company recognition. Brands are staking more in influencer marketing and use the millions of engaged followers to their advantage. Esportsium will harness the kinetic energy of micro-influencers as well as major influencers to promote brands of any size.

“Companies and clients of all sizes can benefit from the services of Esportsium because we can unite the right influencers with clients that will fit their budget. No company or influencer is too small to have highly engaged followings or needs for promotion,” said Mark Swanson.

Esportsium will serve the Esports Industry and the Poker Industry by linking players to sponsorship deals. Esportsium is backed by a combined experience of nearly three decades in marketing, social media, promotion and public relations. Influencers tap into Esportsium’s network of contacts so that both Esportsium and Influencers benefit from the relationships formed within each Influencer’s circle.

Esportsium will also serve as a full-service marketing company with writers, audio/video engineers and translation personnel. On staff are Creative Audio/Video Engineer, Andrew Gall, German Talent Management Agent, Dirk Oetzmann, Editor, Hyacinth Swanson and Founder, Mark Swanson. Each member pledges to provide the highest quality service and consultation in the industry as well as augment Esport talent and client awareness.

When asked about differentiation, Mark Swanson answered, “Our distinction are many things, we offer consultation, video creation, social media guidance to our Clients and Influencers to help them gain exposure. We build long-lasting relationships that endeavour to make all involved succeed. Our creative team is none like any other in the Esports and Poker Industry, our videos and marketing will be cutting-edge, and we’ll be the ones creating trends as well as working within the current climate to stand out from the rest. We are going to find the stars and align them. It all depends on lightning; whether we catch it or create it, it’s going to strike where we want it to.”

Upon launch, the aim is to gain new influencers, esports teams and clients and create awareness. The company is open to working with individuals of any size and budget as well as businesses both large and small. Esportsium has forged trusted relationships with some of the most significant gaming companies in the world and is actively pursuing more. Clients, Influencers and Talent can contact Esportsium on the company website.

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